EDITORIAL: CREATE Boston + Cochon 555

This past Friday, CREATE Boston celebrated its sixth year of innovative gastro goodness go down. This time around they held the event in the open-air powerhouse of SOWA under twinkling, strung lights. Six local teams unite a visual artist, a chef, and a bartender under one theme to create a custom dish, drink, and work of art during the event. It’s delicious, and it’s a party. Photos below show the mouth-watering time, along with some beloved friends caught making goofy face. I’m proud to have helped on design work for the event (check out those posters and banners!). On Sunday, the Cochon 555 competition followed—another feat challenging local restaurant teams in a snout to tail competition with a full pig. The whole event helps to benefit Piggy Bank. So … recap: stellar food and drink for a good cause. Score! [If you’re squeemish, or offended by carnivorous imagery, skip the second half of photos.]