LIVE REVIEW: toyGuitar in their SF home base

As toyGuitar took the stage, the DNA Lounge was its fullest of the evening—and with good reason as Jack Dalrymple seems to have been in at least 15% of the Bay area’s bands. San Francisco is home turf and where he’s been marking the blocks with over two decades of riffs. The charismatic lead took a peculiar joy in making his band mates uncomfortable in the silent moments between songs. Spouting fictitious dialog of the crowd going to the wrong show with little response from the band, he said “Alright. Here we go … this needs to be way more unprofessional.” Mischievous smirks jumped between the band as the ripped into “Move Like A Ghost,” the eponymous track from their new EP. Punk undertones are swept up in garage melodies that make people want to shimmy rather than slam dance. The savage, sonic jams kept everyone bouncing to the beat.

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