LIVE REVIEW: Tegan + Sara on Halloween in Boston

“The first time we were playing [Boston] was TT the Bear’s [and] we got snowed in. They shut down all of the city for the snowpocalyse … but it was like any other day in Calgary!” said Tegan. “I have fond memories for this city.”

Sara chimed in, “It’s very Canadian of you, how you’ve only talked about the weather so far.” And despite being neighbors of the North, Sara later informed, “Boston, I wanna have a talk with you. This is a very big year.  I’m Canadian. I won’t tell you ever in a million years who to vote for.” As she spoke everyone on stage behind her wore Hillary Clinton masks. “I’m hoping for the best outcome this election.” Not strangers to supporting LGBTQ rights and equality, she wrapped up saying they’ll return to the states to play again, “when it’s not Donald Trump running this fucking country.” The stump speech was met with big cheers. Very big cheers. Very big, good cheers.

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