Excerpt from my New Noise review:
“If twenty years ago, you’d told Less Than Jake that they’d still be selling out shows today they may have believed it, they’re cocky sometimes. In ’95 they put out their debut LP Pezcore on the independent label with a heart of gold, Dill Records (which became Asian Man Records). Just one year later they were in the majors with Capitol Records riding out the ska boom releasing the 1996 masterpiece Losing Streak, an album that served as a gateway drug to punk and ska for a plaid-obsessed generation. Looking around the sold-out venue of Brighton Music Hall last Thursday night, knowing that the band were planning to play the classic album in its entirety, excitement was palpable. As one fan drunkenly sang “Just Like Frank” a few more perked up to howl along every word—and the band hadn’t even come out on stage yet.”

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Random cheeseball fact: I met my now wife at Less Than Jake on All Hallow’s Eve 1998. And she doesn’t even like ska!