I remember first hearing of Gogol Bordello over a decade ago. He was a mad man from Eastern Europe playing fast, reckless punk with a violin-tinged sound that would work well in a cracked out edition of Johnny Depp’s Chocolat. His band created fun, comical songs about alcohol and howled atop massive drums circulating through audiences. They have always been a musical circus of debauchery led by the slinky Eugene Hutz.

During the first of two nights in Boston, I was able to finally catch their show last night (Thanks Gary at Reybee!). Bordello was entertaining for sure, with about as many band members on stage as possible. They moved like tornados around each other, sharing the spotlight and exploding on each track. As they were playing violin, bongos, maracas, and crushing it with ranging vocals, the energy was high. Many fans showed up with their own spin on gypsy attire, ready to dance. The Paradise Club was sweltering as this cirque du soleil on crack amped up. It was certainly one of the sweatiest shows I’ve ever seen.