Bubblegum FUN

Playing off of a Breakfast Club trope, Jana modeled as “the princess.” We went on a tangent, developing the absurdity of a character that is given boundless extravagance and amused by nothing. We boosted the bumble gum palette with clothing and makeup to amplify the kitsch. “Balloons! Pink! Always surround me with them.” It’s a bit of a “Let them eat cake” attitude.

Where was this studio? Well, where there’s best walls to reflect light: the shower.
Jana Balloons (Scott Murry)-44
Once we’d nailed the fun, pouty photo for our goal, my awesome wife made expressions aplenty to take advantage of our joyous setup. And that made me one happy photographer.
Jana Balloons (Scott Murry)-30Jana Balloons (Scott Murry)-39Jana Balloons (Scott Murry)-41Jana Balloons (Scott Murry)-70