The holidays are a great time to be with family, but black Friday is a great time to be with Dinosaur Jr.Being near their genesis, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Boston is essentially their hometown show. It’s a family gathering, and one of the loudest. No arguing, but the amps are blaring so bombastic that my ear plugs battle to defend. The massive sonic waves made the house of blues feel like a basement show. The band stood close to the front of the stage, a mere 10 ft. of stage being used with them wedged between speaker stacks. Each band manner has equal light and presence, a straight line of thunder. It was a simple stage with no banner or glossy stage effects—better for keeping the focus on the jams. Some bright, blue lights shimmered through the wizard-like mane of lead man J Mascis, but they weren’t relying on costume changes to keep the show entertaining.